Year 7 Catch Up Funding

Year 7 Catch up Funding 2017 – 2019

2017 - 2018
Number of Year 7 pupils: 24
Pupils in receipt of funding: 24
Funding: £11,000
Number of year 7 pupils: 28
Pupils in receipt of funding: 28
Anticipated funding: £14,000
CostAims of SpendingOutcomes/Impact
Intended Spend
Additional funding to provide pupils and families with transition support – from Inclusion/Pastoral and SENCO teams.£5363
(5hrs p.w.)
Reducing anxiety amongst pupils and families and enabling smooth transition. Small group 1:1 transition plans as required.Pupils quickly settled in to routines and expectations at Southbrook. Parent/carer feedback shows overwhelming majority felt supported and reduced anxiety.£5296
(5hrs p.w.)
Funding to provide additional TA Staffing to support in 2 Year 7 classes£4984
(12hrs p.w.)
Support the progress of Year 7 pupils to develop independence moving on from 1:1 support in feeder primaries.The vast majority of pupils make excellent and swift progress in independence, social and personal organisation skills£7286
(15hrs p.w.)
Additional staff allocation to ensure all Year 7 pupils are accurately baseline tested on entry to Southbrook£1166
(2hrs p.w.)
To provide accurate levels of attainment in English and Maths for all Year 7 pupilsAll pupils were assessed to providing accurate baseline levels of functional English and Maths£1479
(1hr p.w.)