During some of our Retail lessons this term we had a visitor join us called Graham, he is a Graphic Designer for the BBC. He helped our group to design a logo for the product they will make for their enterprise project. First of all they had to decide as a group, what they were going to sell. Graham then guided us through the elements of making a logo using, colour, text, name and symbol. He then took us through the different ways we could promote our product for the Christmas Fayre. The Retail group will be selling their product during the Christmas Fayre. All the pupils contributed to the logo.

Southbrook – Retail_design – Logo

During our Hospitality lessons this term we have organised and created the ‘Southbrook Delivery Service’. This entails the pupils preparing a menu, taking food orders from the staff at school, buying the produce, making the orders, delivering the orders and collecting the money. Followed by working out how much profit we make, if any. They have all enjoy taking part in this and it is very popular with our customers.

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